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France is full of history, so it is very difficult to choose which places to mention first. However, we can not forget Paris, which is not only the capital and a very beautiful and extremely romantic city but also the city of the Louvre, one of the most important Museums of the world.

In the Louvre, people can admire beautiful examples of Roman and Greek art and many Renascence masterpieces such as Leonardo’s Monna Lisa.

One hour away from Paris, people can visit the castle of Versailles where the king palace was built by Luigi XI, who, in 1475, decided to build a palace where to go with his family every time he got tired of Paris and all is royal duties.

However, the king who made Versailles what it is today was Luigi XIV. He decides to renovate the building and renew the gardens and he officially opened up the new residence with a huge and 7 days (and nights) long party with a very intriguing theme: the pleasures of the enchanted island (Les Plaisirs de l’Isle Enchantée ).

Moving South from Paris, we can find other very beautiful and important castles: the castles on the Loire Valley (Chateaux de la Loire) a complex of more than 300 castles that were built in the valley of the river Loire and that, still today, transformed the area in a fairytale landscape that host thousands of visitors every year. Among those castles, the most famous and the most visited are the Castel d´Amboise, Chaumont, and Angers.

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