French children’s game, how to play La semaine

A pretty common French outdoor game for children is `La semaine´(the week) that can be played by 2 or more children (but kids can play it alone as well, especially if he/she want to get better at it) with the only aid of a charcoal and a stone.

With the charcoal, the kids have to draw 7 squares (one following the other) on the ground naming them with the name of the day of the week.

Once that is done the first one have to throw the stone in the Monday box and if he misses it, he must let the next kid play. If the thrown has been correct he must jump on one of his feet until the stone, picked up still standing on one foot, and jumping back to the starting point.

The players have to do that at list 7 times (one for each square) and they have to repeat the task every time they made a mistake (for example they lose balance and they put the other feet down). The winner is the kid that covers all square and made back to the starting point.


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