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Dinolingo is the world’s largest online language learning program in children’s category with 50 different languages and over 30,000 activities, lessons, games, and books. The mission of the company is to give every child in the world a chance to learn another language, which will bring people together and eliminate cultural and language barriers around the world.

Dinolingo offers annual online subscriptions for families and schools. It is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 14. It’s American company founded in 2010 with headquarters located in New York City. Dinolingo is owned and operated by Dino Lingo Inc. 30 Broad Street, #1454, New York, NY 10004 USA.

About the President:

Serdar Acar is the President and Founder of Dinolingo, an innovative provider of language learning programs for children. An entrepreneur committed to creating interactive and fun online learning programs for children, Mr. Acar is a pioneer who combines state of the art new design with reward systems, and progress reports for the parents to track their children’s advancement in learning another language.

His mission is to enable every child in the world to have a chance to learn another language. Being a visionary, he has created the most kid-friendly language learning program in the world to bring people together and eliminate cultural and language barriers around the world. He is an inventor, a producer, a director recognized for his product and technology innovations, leadership talents and formulation skills and entrepreneurialism. Mr. Acar is married with two children and resides in New York City.

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