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Since 2010, our dedication has been to the development of language learning programs for kids. As parents ourselves, we prioritize the exposure and benefit of our own children to the content and techniques before incorporating them into our program. We employ a variety of enjoyable and fun teaching techniques such as videos, games, audio books, […]

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Language Courses

Language tiers -or categories- reflect the variety of lessons and activities available in each of our language courses. We have three tiers. 1. PREMIUM LANGUAGES Our premium languages feature the full extent of our curriculum, including more than 110 lessons with over 1,100 activities in each course. As children progress through the program, they will master

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Curriculum Guide

Dinolingo offers 50 languages, featuring more than 35,000 interactive activities suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our lessons are designed to be engaging and fun, including videos, audiobooks, games, progress tests, and offline printable materials like worksheets, posters and flashcards, providing a thorough and enjoyable learning experience. Levels Breakdown: 1.LEVEL 1 Available in: All

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Manage Family Subscription (Billing)

Effortlessly manage all your Dinolingo billing requirements, including inquiries, payments, credit card updates, subscriptions, cancellations, and more, all in one convenient location. We have three types of subscriptions and your subscription is based on where you initially set it up. 1. Dinolingo website (most common subscription method): The majority of our customers set up their subscriptions

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