French fun facts, pate de fois gras, the bùche de Noêl

As we were saying French cuisine is very famous all over the world, but not many people know that some of the ingredients of the most traditional food are a bit unusual. In fact, in France, you can eat not only raw oyster, but also snails (not raw, but cooked) and rabbit. Moreover, one of the most famous French ingredients is the pate de fois gras, a creamy pâté made from the liver of an overfeed duck. The pate de fois gras can be made and eaten in many different ways, and it is one of the traditional food that people eat during the Christmas Eve dinner.

In many houses, still, today, once the Christmas Eve dinner is finished and everybody goes to bed, the table is kept undone so, if, during the night, the Holy family will need to stop in the house for a short break they will get food and drinks for the trip.

For the same reason, back on the day, in many houses, the fire was kept on during all Christmas night and this tradition inspired a very famous French Christmas cake the bùche de Noêl, which is nothing more than a very sweet version of a log waiting for being burn in the fire.

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