Welsh for kids

Welsh Children’s Games

Welsh Children’s Games The most famous Welsh game of all time is “Oranges & Lemons.” Played throughout the UK, children sing a rhyming song called “Oranges & Lemons” and play a game along with it. The song goes like this: Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clement’s. You owe me five farthings; Say

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Welsh Fashion

Welsh Fashion In recent years Cardiff, the capital of Wales has become an important city in the world fashion scene with many new and exciting designers mixing contemporary and traditional ideas to make something unique. The most famous Welsh fashion designer working today is Martin Wilding Davies whose street fashion label The Red Dragonhood is

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Welsh Etiquette

Welsh Etiquette Wales is legally part of the United Kingdom, which comprises of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Most of the etiquette in Wales is the same as in other parts of the United Kingdom. Politeness is very important, so remember you please’s and thank you’s. Most people think it is rude to be blunt

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Welsh Cuisine

Welsh food is highly influenced by British food, but has many unique traits. Lamb is a very common dish, as sheep farming is widespread throughout Wales. Lamb is the main ingredient in Cawl, a stew made with lamb and leeks, the Welsh national vegetable. Cawl is often served on holidays and other special occasions. Shepherd’s

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Welsh Culture

Welsh culture has a long and unique history far different than the rest of the UK. The Welsh language is the most important part of Welsh culture, holding everything together. In recent years there has been a cultural revival, with many more people learning Welsh. More and more signs, books, and schools are using Welsh

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