The Sea (Umi Japanese Children’s Song)

Japanese Children’s Song


うみは ひろいな おおきいな
つきは のぼるし ひが しずむ

うみは おおなみ あおい なみ
ゆれて どこまで つづくやら

うみに おふねを うかばせて
いって みたいな よそのくに

umiha hiroina ookiina
tsukiha noborushi higa shizumu

umiha oonami aoi nami
yurete dokomade tsudukuyara

umini ofunewo ukabasete
itte mitaina yosonokuni

The Sea

“Oh, the sea wide open and free!
Sunset and moon light reflect on the sea
Big waves on the sea
I wonder where these waves go
Want to have a ship on the sea
And want to go see different countries”


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  1. Chris and Jill VyleWhat a great song. Mr Vyle’s nephew Hayden thikns it is the song he sings about Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the water spout. Down comes the rain and washed poor Incey out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the spout again.Is your song about a spider?

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