Friday, December 8, 2023
French Culture for kids

French values, fun facts about French culture for children

French people open their hearts to foreigners when they speak (or make an attempt to speak) their language. French are very proud of being French and they cherish every side of their culture. Some people could say that the French always feel superior to everyone else since they think they have the best wine, the best cheese, and the most beautiful women…

However it is true that they appreciate their own comic books, their own heroes and their own music above everything else and, even though, many differences exist between the history and the culture of each region, everyone considers him selves as French like everyone else.

They all share the same history and the same little ritual and, on Sunday morning, they all walk with a newspaper and a humongous baguette under the arm.

When you see that, you are definitively sure, you are in France

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