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Turkish Culture for Kids

Common Turkish Children’s Names

Here are some popular boys’ names:



Mehmet – very popular!

Ibrahim, and sometimes ‘Ibo’ for short



Cem. When you talk to someone with this name, you call them ‘Jem’, because the letter ‘c’ is said like a ‘j’ in Turkish.

Some popular girls’ names are:


Aysun, which means ‘beautiful as the moon’ in Turkish




Like you and me, Turkish people have a first name and a second name. A first name in Turkish is called ‘ad’ and the second name, or surname, is ‘soyadı’.

So, for example – a boy might be called Mehmet Ozturk. His ‘ad’ would be Mehmet, and his ‘soyadı’ would be Ozturk.

When a girl marries a boy, she changes her surname, or ‘soyadı’ to be the same as his, just like most men and women in the US.

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Online Turkish lessons for kids:

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