İndonesia Fun Facts

Fun Facts Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the largest Muslim populated country in the world. The word “Indonesia” is derived from the word Indus which in Latin means “Ocean” and the word nesos which in Greek means “island”. So, Indonesia means the territory of the Indian islands, or archipelago […]

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Children’s Day

Children’s Day Children’s Day in Indonesia is a celebration and promotion day recognizing children’s rights. There are many activities, festivals, and events held on that day, July 23rd of every year, and one of the important events is an award ceremony. This ceremony is meant to encourage local authorities to include child protection issues, including

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Indonesian Cuisine and Recipes

Indonesian Cusine: Common Cuisine, Simple Recipes, 3 Easy Desserts Bakso: otherwise known as an Indonesian meatball, this is very common throughout Indonesia. It is typically made from ground beef and tapioca flour, but can also consist of shrimp, chicken, and fish. It is served over broth, noodles, salted vegetables, tofu, egg, green cabbage, green sprouts,

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İndoneisa culture for children – Indonesian Traditional Children’s Activities

Indonesian Traditional Children’s Activities Kelereng: Boys love this game. In a westernized society, this game is known as “marbles.” A player must draw a circle on the ground, and every player has to put one of their marbles inside of the circle. Then, all of the players must drop another marble on a point outside

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Sounds of Pakistan

Sounds of Pakistan  Instruments Tabla: percussion family, similar to bongos Dholak: two headed hand drum Harmonium: keyboard instrument like a reed board South Asia as well as Central Asian, Persian, Turkish, Arabic and modern day Western popular music influences Pakistan’s musical genres. Drums are an instrumental favorite, as they bring out natural sounds. There is

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Pakistan Clothes

Clothes Minded Pakistan traditional clothing is designed to cater to the conservative culture of which it derives. Salwar kameez (shalwar qameez): national attire of Pakistan, looser pants that flare out at the bottom and tied at the waist with a drawstring. This is worn during festivals, and is important to both men and women. The

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Pakistan Must Do…

Must Do…… Mini Golf is extremely popular in Pakistan, for families who need to allow their children to engage in summer activities. Even though it can be 100 degrees or more, this activity is still enjoyed, as well as camel riding. Children love riding the backs of camels on the beach from one side to

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Pakistan Customs and Etiquette

Customs and Etiquette Loyalty to the family comes before other social relationships, even business. Older people are viewed as wise and are granted respect. In a social situation, they are served first and their drinks may be poured for them. Elders are introduced first, are provided with the choicest cuts of meat, and in general

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Pakistan Fun Facts

Fun Facts It has the 7th largest collection of scientists and engineers in the world. When couples get married in Pakistan the bridegroom wears garlands of money given by his relatives. 80% of the worlds soccer balls are made in Pakistan Pakistan’s national sport is hockey It had the first woman leader of a Muslim

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Pakistani Children’s Day

Pakistani Children’s Day Children’s Day in Pakistan is celebrated on two days annually. Those days are June 1st and November 20th. On these days, the elders celebrate with their children how a child’s life should be and not what they more than likely become. Stories are shared, lessons are taught, and family time is spent

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Pakistan Simple Recipes

Simple Recipes Shahi Tukra Ingredients: Raisins or prunes (dried plums), 5 slices bread, Saffron powder, 2 Tablespoons oil, 4 cups milk, 4 Tablespoons sugar Directions: – Remove the crusts from the bread with a knife. Cut the bread into four triangular pieces. – Heat the oil in a frying pan (over medium heat) and fry

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Common Cuisine of Pakistan

Common Cuisine of Pakistan Muslims are forbidden to eat Pork, therefore, the major meats of Pakistan consists of beef, chicken, and fish. Vegetables are also an extreme necessity in Pakistan. Mughal: herbs, spices, almonds, and raisins are in Mughal. This reigns from India, but is an important and essential part of Pakistani cuisine. shahi tukra:

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Children’s Games of Pakistan

Children’s Games of Pakistan Hopscotch: hopscotch is also an American favorite, as an adult or a skilled child takes a piece of chalk and draws ten boxes on concrete in different areas but connected, and numbers the boxes one to ten. The children must hop in the boxes, in the order that the numbers go,

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Filipino Music: Genres and Instruments

Music: Genres and Instruments Played with traditional instruments like; the zither with bamboo strings, tubular bamboo resonators, wooden luters, and other stringed instruments, Filipino music is rich in sound and culture. There are many different genres of music depending on the region. Gangsa is played by indigenous peoples in the Philippines, while Gang Chime is

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