Turkish Culture for Children– fun facts

Turkish Festivals and Holidays

Festivals, Holidays and Celebrations There are two types of holidays in Turkey: Milli Bayramlar (Festivals that mark the victories during the independence war after the WWI) and Dini Bayramlar (Festivals  that are related with religious traditions; namely, Ramazan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami). Ramazan Bayrami, also known as Eid-al Fitr, is celebrated at the end of […]

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Turkish Food

Food For centuries, Turkish khans and sultans had their own chefs prepare the tastiest dishes for them, which also influenced today’s popular Turkish food. Considered to be a combination of Central Asian, Balkan, and Middle Eastern cuisine, Turkish kitchen offers a variety of tastes ranging from mildly spicy Middle Eastern dishes to delicious olive oil appetizers that

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Turkish clothes

Clothes Just like any other developed country, modern Turks wear casual dresses in Western style. Traditionally though, Turkish clothes were similar to dresses in Caucasia and were made by cotton, silk and wool because of relatively cooler climate. The areas Turks lived in throughout the history are close to Silk Road, so this might also have contributed

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