Polish Baby Names

Here are some names for boys and girls in Poland! Boys: Antoni Anzelm Bronek Casmir Damian Jacus Jarek Joaquin Girls: Alenka Ania Celina Cyla Felicja Halina Kasia   Online Polish lessons for kids: dinolingo.com

danmark, denmark, copenhagen

Polish Proverbs

DINOLINGO As a country with a unique and varied history, Poland has many sayings for many occasions and situations. Here are a few of them: Pokorne cielę dwie matki ssie: “A humble calf will feed from two mothers.”  The English equivalent is “Humility gets you everywhere.” O wilku mowa, a wilk tuż tuż: “Speak of …

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Polish Fun Facts

DINOLINGO The symbol of Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a mermaid. The symbol of Poland is a white eagle, and throughout the country’s history, the eagle has sometimes been depicted wearing a crown or not wearing a crown, depending on the government and occupying nations of Poland. Currently, the eagle wears a crown. Every hour, the …

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Polish Stories

  The founding of Poland is a famous legend in the country. There were three brothers, Lech, Czech, and Rus, who all went hunting together. Each of them followed a different prey, and they each went in different directions. Rus went east and ended up founding Russia, Czech went west and founded Czechoslovakia, and Lech …

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Polish Clothes

DINOLINGO Traditional  Polish clothing is very colorful and decorative. In folk costumes, women wear long, colorful skirts with ribbons and printed with large flowers. They may wear white blouses and black or red vests (again embroidered with colorful flowers) and laced up across the front with red ribbon. They also wear necklaces made of red …

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Polish Food

DINOLINGO Poland is known for its hearty food, which keeps people warm and full during the long Polish winters. One of Poland’s most famous foods is pierogi, which are large dumplings filled most often with potatoes, cheese, and onions, but they can also have meat or fruit inside. Gołąbki—which means “little pigeons” but is not …

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