Latin Children Games

Latin Etiquette

When you meet someone or leave from any gathering, you should wish the people present a good day or good evening.  Italians who are friends greet each other with a kiss, usually on the left cheek and then on the right.  When you meet a person for the first time, you should shake hands. Italy

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Latin Travel Destinations

You can visit a few of the smaller towns of the region, explore some of the medieval ruins, go hiking in the foothills and the mountains,  and even visit the churches and cathedrals to see their architecture. Recommended places to visit include: La Riserva Naturale Monte Rufeno is a 7,000-acre nature reserve on the borders

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Latin Festivals and Holidays

There are many festivals in and around the region. Festa di Primavera is the Spring Festival.  There are a series of concerts planned each year and tours to churches, monuments and places of historical interest are organized. Natalie di Roma is the Birth of Rome celebration.  It is held on April 21st each year to

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Latin History

The Italian word Lazio comes from the Latin word Latium.  Latini is the common language that’s spoken and passed on to the city-state of Ancient Rome.  In Roman mythology, the tribe of the Latini took their name from King Latinus.  The larger territory of land occupied by the Latini was called Latium.  It was divided

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Latin Cuisine

Vegetables are a very big part of everyone’s diet.  They are cooked with oil, herbs, and garlic.  Sometimes anchovies are also added.  The meat dishes are usually less quality beef and pork and are heavy and over-flavored.  Chicken, rabbit, and snail are popular. Pasta, especially the larger types like bucatini and conchiglie, are most favored.

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