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Czech Children’s Games

The citizens of Czech Republic celebrate Children’s Day on June 1st annually. On this day, families take their children to local churches and parks, in which the parks hold carnivals and fun events for the kids of the republic. This day celebrates peace, harmony, and great health of all children.   Online Czech lessons for […]

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Czech Customs and Culture

–          Do not go to someone else’s home without bringing flowers, or a sweet treat –          You are expected to remove your shoes upon visiting someone’s home, most homes will have slippers for you –          Czech culture means less private space, culturally, they are a lot closer than Western civilization –          They seldom call people

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How to say ”Nice to meet you” in different languages

Finnish – Hauska tutustua Danish – Rart at møde dig Hebrew  – נחמד לפגוש אותך Dutch – leuk je te ontmoeten French – Ravie de vous rencontrer Turkish – Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum Arabic – نيس لمقابلتك Czech – Těší mě Chinese – 很高兴认识你 – Hěn gāoxìng rènshi nǐ Italian – piacere di conoscerti Polish – miło cię poznać Bulgarian – khubavo e da se zapoznaem – хубаво е да

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Historical Figures of Italy

–          Donatello: Donatello (Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi) was born in 1386 and died on December 13, 1466. He was a famous sculptor and artist of Florence in the Early Renaissance. Famous statues include Gattamelata and David. –          Columbus: Cristoforo Columbo (Christopher Columbus) was born in 1451 and died May 20, 1506. He was

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Age 1 and Beyond, Popular French Children’s Books

Ages 1 to 4: –          Adele la sauterelle –          Adrien le Lapin –          Benjamin le lutin –          Camille la Chenille –          Cesar le lizard Ages 5 to 8: –          Caroline a la ferme (Probst, Pierre) –          Babar a la fete de Celesteville (Author: Brunhoff, Jean De) –          Les amis de Martine a la maison (Author:

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Common Czech Cuisines

The traditional Czech cuisine consists of roast pork, with sour kraut and dumplings. Some popular foods all have the same sides, like soups, potatoes, and more. While the Czech Republic has recently turned the cuisine over to a healthier menu, one cannot forget what meals make the Czech cuisines memorable. Popular soups: potato, garlic, and

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Persian Customs and Etiquette

Persian Customs and Etiquette                   Iranians protest compliments and attempt to appear vulnerable in public. They will belittle their own accomplishments in an attempt to appear humble, although other Iranians understand that this is merely courtesy and do not take the words at face value. When they are in public, they must conform to accepted modes

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Sounds of the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech Republic music requires traditional instruments. Majority of the instruments used are handmade, and are done so delicately. The wood chosen for these instruments is an intricate process in itself, as the trees used for them have to be at least 100 or more years old. Fiddles, drums, and accordions are some examples, but

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Persian Fun Facts

–       The for­mer name of Iran was Per­sia, which was in use till 1935. –       Per­sians have a dif­fer­ent lan­guage and iden­tity from the rest of the Middle East. –       Iran is one of the world’s old­est con­tin­u­ous major civ­i­liza­tions, with his­tor­i­cal and urban set­tle­ments dat­ing back to 4000 BC. –       Iran has croc­o­diles. It’s

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Iranian Children’s Day

On October 7th of every year, cartoons of children’s rights are shown, cartoon characters entertain, festivals, events, and much more are held in Iran in recognition of Children’s Day; a day to celebrate health, and the well-being of all children. Murals are painted, arts and crafts create meaning for the children on a second birthday;

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Common Persian Cuisine

There are three main dishes that Persians will more than likely include in a meal. These dishes are; rice, grilled meat, and Persian stew or better known as chelow, kabobs, and khoresh. The kabobs are different types of meat with onions, fruits, nuts, and other grains as well. The rice can be the typical saffron

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Persian Children’s Games

Soccer (Football): The number one game played by all ages and both genders in Iran is soccer. Children love this contact sport, but men usually play professionally only. In this game, there are two sides of a field and two teams. One team must try and get the ball into the other teams goal without

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Places to See! Things to do!

Hundreds Islands National Park: Yielding several individual islands, Hundred Islands Park is home to Children’s Island. It is the perfect island for kids. It surrounded by beautiful scenery and shallow water, it is the safest island to allow your kids enjoy. Enchanted Kingdom: A theme park that opened in 1995 is called Manilas Enchanted Kingdom.

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Getting Dressed in Hungary

Hungarian traditional clothing The old home-made garments were made of durable material to serve several generations. Nowadays these clothing can only be seen during festivals, celebrations and in some parts of the county.  You can meet people wearing them in Transylvania, around Hollókő and Kalocsa. Those clothers are fine achivements in thetextile art. They vary

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Persia (Iran) Must See’s

  Ali Qapu Palace: Five floors, 48 meters tall, this palace in Iran is a wonderful tourist attraction designation for all families. It is surrounded by a terrace and held up by wooden columns. Kish Island Beach: White sand, colorful reefs, beautiful fish. This beach is the perfect getaway spot for all families when visiting

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Children’s Games of Czech

1)      Pesek (Duck -Duck Goose): For this game, all of the children sit down in a circle, facing one another. There is one child that is “it”, and they sing a song while going around in a circle. The person who is “it” goes around singing the song until he or she taps one of

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3 Must Go See’s

  Prague City Center: one of the most visited areas; it is a central point of Prague. Here is where one can find shops, amusement centers, restaurants, and so much more. Many visitors and citizens visit here for a great time, or wonderful sights to see as well. Petrin Lookout Tower: 60 meters high, this

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Persian Festivals/Holidays

Nowruz: The traditional Iranian(Persian) new year holiday celebrated by Iranian, Turkic and many other peoples in West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Northwestern China, the Caucasus, the Crimea, and the Balkans. It lasts for 13 days and the last day is March 21st. During these two weeks, there are plenty of family activities and festivals.

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Sounds of Persia

Traditional Musical Instruments   Daf: a Sufi instrument to be played in Khanghah-s for Zikr music, but has become a popular Persian instrument Dotar: comes from a family of long-necked lutes and can be found throughout Central Asia, the Middle East and as far as the North East of China in Xinjiang as well. Nay:

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