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Best methods to learn Hungarian: How to teach children Hungarian

Online Hungarian lessons for kids: Get fairy tales and storybooks in Hungarian online or from your local library Children love shared reading time and regardless of language acquisition, they will always remember the time they spent with you reading books. Try to find books with good illustrations. Look at the pictures with your child, […]

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Getting Dressed in Hungary

Hungarian traditional clothing The old home-made garments were made of durable material to serve several generations. Nowadays these clothing can only be seen during festivals, celebrations and in some parts of the county.  You can meet people wearing them in Transylvania, around Hollókő and Kalocsa. Those clothers are fine achivements in thetextile art. They vary

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Famous Places of Hungary

Famous places beside Budapest Hollókő – The village of Hollóko is one of the most charming spots in Hungary hidden in the north eastern hills. This is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. They live like 100 years ago. They have been able to preserve many of their folkways. Herend – There is a 185 year

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Hungarian Game for Children

Children’s Game Many Hungarian games for children are combined with folk songs and dance. Forfeits is an increasing-decreasing game played with a large group. The children sing and create a moving circle. They hold hands and move in the same direction. A leader counts out, or calls out, moves. In Forfeits, a child who is

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Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian cuisine Hungarian food is often spicy, due to the common use of hot paprika. Sweet paprika is also common. Additionally, the combination of paprika, lard and red onions is typical of Hungarian cuisine, and the use of the thick sour cream called tejföl. Hungarians are very proud of their sausages and winter salami. They

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