Hebrew culture

Hebrew Children’s Songs

Popular children’s songs talk about animals, nature and fun activities that children like the world over. Here are the names of some popular songs that Jewish children enjoy: A1 Kol EilehAmar Adon KoheletBa Shana Ha Ba-aChevlei MashiachEifo Hem Kol AvoteinuLach YerushalayimLaugh Oh Laugh/Sachki SachkiLu Y’hiNevel Mi ZahavShneeraleh, PeralehSisu Et YerushalayimTirzaUtsu EytsaY’varech’cha Hashem Mi TzionYerushalayim Shel […]

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Common Hebrew Names for Boys and Girls

Boys’ Names The ten most popular boys’ names include Aaron (Aharon), Adam, Benjamin, Daniel, David, Jonathan (Y’honatan), Joseph, Joseph (Y’hoshua), Michael and Samuel (Sh’mu’el). Girls’ Names The most popular girls’ names include Deborah, Elizabeth (Elisheva), Judith (Y’hudit), Mary (Miriam), Rachel, Rebecca (Fivka), Ruth, Sarah and Susan (Shoshanah). Children are traditionally named for a relative who

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Jewish Origins of the culture

According to the Jewish sacred writings which became the Hebrew Bible, Jews are descended from the ancient people of Israel who settled in the land of Canaan.  Canaan was located between the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (1451 BCE).  The Jews left Canaan during a severe famine and settled in Northern Egypt. There, they were made to be

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