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Benefits of Bilingualism

Have you ever wondered what benefits your child could receive by learning a second language while they are still young? There are some surprising and wonderful benefits of bilingualism. We have gathered 15 of them for you to consider. A child’s brain is better equipped to learn a new language. They have a higher number […]

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Croatian Children’s Stories

Popular children’s stories in Croatia are those written by the Grimm brothers – Cinderella, Hans and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, and so on. Hans Christian Andersen stories are told to little children. The Ugly Duckling, The Princes and the Pea, and others are favorites. Croatian children’s stories by

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Croatian Travel Destinations

Croatia has many beautiful places that are worth a visit. Even though Croatia is a small country, it has seven national parks. These are parts of nature that are protected from harm by law. The oldest national park is Plitvice, or Plitvička jezera (Plitvice lakes). They are made from 16 wonderful lakes. The Source: Google

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