Are all fossil animals dinosaurs?

We know most of our information about dinosaurs from the bones and fossils that paleontologists have found in the ground. These bones have told us about what dinosaurs looked like, the ways they were built, and even the ways their bodies worked! There are also other fossils that paleontologists have found from the same time

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Why did dinosaurs die out?

The truth is, no one really knows how dinosaurs became extinct. We know that it is not normal for a whole group of animals to die out at once, and there are lots and lots of ideas about why this happened. A lot of scientists think that there was a big meteorite that smashed into

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Did dinosaurs communicate?

Dinosaurs didn’t talk the same way you and I do, but like all animals they had their own ways of communicating. All dinosaurs probably used body language to tell others what they were thinking, especially when a boy dinosaur liked a girl dinosaur or when one dinosaur was angry at another, but some dinosaurs probably communicated

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How long could a dinosaur live?

You might wonder how long a dinosaur lived. If you wonder this, you are not alone! Scientists have spent a bunch of time trying to answer this question, but a final answer depends on a lot of different things. One of the things we still don’t know about dinosaurs is whether they were warm-blooded or

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Were dinosaurs warm-blooded?

All animals need warmth inside their bodies if they want to stay alive. While some animals, like dogs and birds and even people, can keep their insides warm even when it’s cold outside, there are other animals, like lizards and snakes who have to use the sun and air to keep their insides warm! Some

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How are dinosaurs named?

We don’t know what dinosaurs called each other when they were still walking around on Earth, but we certainly know what we call them nowadays. And let’s face it, some of the names sound downright funny! Triceratops? Pterodactyl? Where in the world did these names come from! Well, these names came from all sorts of

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Where did dinosaurs live?

230 million years ago, Earth looked a lot different from the way it looks today. Not only did dinosaurs live on all seven continents back then, but also, all seven continents were stuck together as one big continent called Pangaea. That would sure make it a lot easier to travel around the world, wouldn’t it!

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What colors were dinosaurs?

Just like people, different dinosaurs had different skin colors! Of course, there are no pictures of dinosaurs that let us see exactly what they looked like, but paleontologists (the scientists who get to study old fossils!) have a pretty good idea of the colors that different dinosaurs wore. Recently they discovered that some dinosaurs had

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What did dinosaurs eat?

Just like you and me, dinosaurs got hungry! But dinosaurs couldn’t just pop open a bag of candy when they wanted to eat. They had to find food on their own. Some dinosaurs ate lizards and turtles. Some dinosaurs ate eggs. Some dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs, and some even ate animals that were already dead!

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