Dutch Culture

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About Dutch History

The people who live in the Netherlands are called Dutch.  German tribes first lived on the land that is called the Netherlands.  Then Rome took part of the land away.  Parts of the Netherlands were later taken over by many other countries until the Dutch people decided they did not want to be ruled by

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Dutch Names and Language

What Do the Dutch Speak? Dutch is a West Germanic language.  It is the language that 90% of the Dutch people speak in the Netherlands.  Many people in Belgium (a neighboring country in Europe) and Suriname (a country in South America) also speak Dutch. The Dutch language in Belgium is called Flemish.  Dutch is closely

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Dutch Etiquette

Meeting and Greeting The handshake is a common greeting.  The Dutch smile and say the person’s name whom they are greeting while shaking hands.  If you are seated, it is polite to stand up to shake hands. If you are a good friend, you may greet each other by air kissing near the cheek three

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About Dutch Culture

About Dutch Culture Dutch culture (of the Netherlands) is very diverse.  There are cultural differences within the Netherlands because of the four regions that make up this country. The regions are divided into counties, provinces and cities.  Foreigners who have come to live and work in this country have helped to broaden the Dutch culture,

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amsterdam, holland, architecture

Famous Dutch Cities

DINOLINGO Amsterdam is considered the ‘Gateway to Europe’ and has a fantastic arts and graphic design scene. It’s the financial center of the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), and has 4th largest tourism economy after London, Paris, and Rome. The biggest seaport in the world is in Rotterdam. The city was bombed by the Germans during

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Dutch Children’s Games

DINOLINGO “Sjoelbakken”: This is a very popular Dutch shuffleboard game. Sjoelbak is loved by kids, but adults can also play it. All you need is a 6 ½-foot wooden shuffleboard table and wooden disks. Every player has three chances to get four wooden disks to pass four marked arches that are numbered from 1 to

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Dutch Stories

One popular Dutch story is that of Hans Brinker. Hans Brinker was a little Dutch boy that saved The Netherlands. On a lovely autumn day he was out for a stroll with his friend Liesa. They where picking flowers, then sat in the grass to eat some chocolate. It was a beautiful early fall day

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Dutch Festivals and Traditions

DINOLINGO ‘Sinterklaas’ is one of the main traditional holidays. Sinterklaas is a bishop, originally from Spain. Together with his friendly helper ‘colorful Peter’ he travels to The Netherlands to deliver presents to children. He does so by climbing the roofs of the houses on his strong, white horse named “schimmel”. While on the roof, colorful

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