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Developing Reading Fluency with Children

In some of our previous blogs, we’ve talked about Enjoying Reading with your Child and Making Reading a Routine Reality. But how about helping children to become independent readers?  Author, teacher trainer, and owner of her own language school in Japan, Mari Nakamura, has developed a Three-Stage Literacy Program at her school, English…

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50 ways to teach kids a second language

1 Fairy tales and storybooks Read with your child. Children love to share reading time and they will always remember this as a bonding experience. Books with illustrations work great! DinoLingo has tons of books and stories that are fun and easy to share. Discuss the pictures with your child, point to things…

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Start Simple Start with some simple greetings and every day words. E.g. good morning/ how are you? Be consistent, use the words or phrases you have chosen every day.  Items in your environment that you see or use every day can be used repeatedly and naturally in the 2nd language. Here you are/thank…

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What is the Most Popular 2nd Language around the World?

It is well known that English is the most common foreign language in all around the world but did you know that Tagalog is the most common foreign language in Saudi Arabia and Polish is a language that is very familiar to the British? What is more surprising is Argentinians hear more Italian…

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Trying harder makes language learning more difficult

A recent study conducted at MIT showed that adults’ understanding of grammar decreases if they actively pay attention to grammar and try to decode unfamiliar grammatical structures. The study which made the subjects listen to an artificial language for 10 minutes either passively or actively concluded that listening while focusing on grammar actually…

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INFOGRAPHIC Most Spoken Languages on Twitter

Our research shows us that: English is the most used language on Twitter. However, this is lower than the popularity of English on other platforms: e.g.  more than 50% of websites all around the world are in English. Japanese is the 2nd most popular language on Twitter despite the fact that it is…

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