Nonverbal and Verbal communication of Romanian Culture

 Romanian people are extremely friendly and expressive when they talk.  They are Latin, therefore they are not cold persons.  They are comfortable with hugs and kisses on the cheek when greeting or departing.  During conversations Romanian people use a lot of gestures, touch themselves on the arms, shoulders, hands and stand pretty closely to each other.  Hospitality characterizes the Romanian people.  They simply adore having guests.  Moreover, direct eye contact is appreciated in Romania.

Handshaking is the most popular form of greeting. When a Romanian man is introduced to a woman, he will probably kiss her hand.  Romanians smile every time they meet their friends or colleagues on the street.

It is not considered impolite to discuss with a person about politics, weight, income, or religion.

If you are going to pay a visit to a friend, it is common to offer a small gift: flowers (in odd number) or some chocolate.

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