Holidays and Festivals of Brazil

Holidays and Festivals of Brazil

  1. Carnival: Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia holds some of the most popular and highly anticipated festivals in the world. Carnival is not just a festival, but it can be called a holiday because businesses and schools are closed for this spectacular event. The high-quality samba schools showcase some of the greatest events, and trucks and floats ride around the entire city blasting music, while everyone dances in the streets.
  2. Sete de Setembro: Brazil’s Declaration of Independence happened in 1822, on September 7th. For that reason, this national holiday is celebrated by having military parades and honoring those who fought for Brazil.
  3. Ano Novo: New Year’s Day, combined with New Year Eve, is celebrated with fireworks, food, family time, and many parades as well. It is celebrated in every city of Brazil and seen as a blessing to make another year.

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