Saturday, February 24, 2024
English for kids

Verbal Cues in English

(GOOD) wow, great, cool, wonderful, terrific, fabulous, excellent, fantastic, awesome, good for you, congratulations 

(SURPRISE) wow, really? No kidding? OMG, Gosh, son of a gun, you gotta be kidding me, unbelievable, get out of here, holy cow, oh my goodness, that’s incredible

(DISAGREEMENT) well…, I don`t think so, that’s crazy, ridiculous, no way, are you sure? sure?  Are you for real? that’s nonsense, insane, not a chance, what are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? are you serious?

 (LISTENING/AGREEMENT) I see, right, OK, hmm, yeah, uh huh, yep, yes, I see what you are saying, got it, I understand, I see your point, I hear you, exactly, absolutely, precisely, by all means, that’s true, I agree, totally, definitely

 (BAD NEWS) that`s too bad, dang, that`s so sad, terrible, awful, OMG, I’m shocked, sorry about that, be careful, oh no, sorry about your luck

 (I DON’T UNDERSTAND) come again? , can you say that again? sorry? pardon? what? didn’t quite catch that, you’ll have to excuse me, what did you mean?

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