Popular Children’s Literature of Italy

–          Aesop’s Fables (Dover Children’s Thrift Classics):
(Author- Aesop, Pat Stewart) Ages 4 to 8
–          The Adventures of Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet:
(Author- Carlo Collodi, Iassen Ghiuselev)  Ages 9 to 12
–          Pompeii:
(Author- Peter Connolly) Ages 9 to 12
–          The Buried City of Pompeii: What It Was Like When Vesuvius Exploded (I Was There):
(Author: Shelley Tanaka, Greg Ruhl)
            Ages  9 to 12
–          Vulca the Etruscan (Journey Through Time Series):
(Author: Roberta Angeletti, Beatrice Masini) Ages 8 to 12
–          Leonardo and the Flying Boy:
(Author: Laurence Anholt) Ages 8 to 14
–          Bravo, Zan Angelo!: A Commedia Dell’Arte Tale With Story & Pictures:
(Author: Niki Daly) Age 10+
–          The Legend of Old Befana:
(Author: Tomie De Paola) Ages 4 to 10
–           Big Anthony: His Story:
(Author: Tomie De Paola) Ages 4 to 8
–          Opera Cat:
(Author: Tess Weaver, Andrea Wesson) Ages 4 to 8

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