Friday, December 8, 2023
Indonesian Culture for Kids

Indonesia Must See Spots

Jakarta: The capital of Indonesia is a major tourist attraction, and one of Indonesia’s great economic boosters. Being the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta has everything one would look for in any place such as this. There are shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, and many parks and recreational activities for children. One of the great things about the food of Jakarta is how affordable it is.

Sulawesi Island: Formerly known as Celebes, Sulawesi is in the shape of a tropical orchid which makes it automatically appealing to the eye. Being the third largest island at 172,000 km, it is divided into provinces and is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and jungles to explore with your children.

Lombok Island: With beaches, volcanoes, and various landscapes, Lombok Island is now Bali’s greatest competition. It is rather small, but the perfect romantic getaway for parents and couples.

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One thought on “Indonesia Must See Spots

  • Thanks very much for your website.

    I am an Indonesian teacher in Jakarta at an international school.
    On the site listed there are 2 major spelling mistakes: what should be listed as must see spots are Sulawesi and Lombok (not as is on the site).

    Garry Wilsdon


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