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Festivals/Holidays of Indonesia

Festivals/Holidays of Indonesia

February 15 – Sekaten Fair: In celebration on this day annually of the prophet Mohammed, all festivals are centered on the Kraton or the royal palace. There are stalls, games, and many cultural shows. There is a feast to end the event, that promotes good luck and a great harvest.

Proclamation of Independence, August 17th: Being more important than New Year’s Day, Indonesia celebrates the independence of their nation in the state capitol annually. It is like the Fourth of July here in America, as the flag is raised during a ceremony in Jakarta and the President delivers a state of address to the public. There are festivals and fireworks as well.

New Year/January First: as it is not a tradition to celebrate this day in Indonesia, it is not as important of a holiday as any other holiday. Yet, there are still some forms and varieties of festivals held to bring in a new year.

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