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Hispanic Culture for Kids

About Spain – flag, population, music, food, and more

Geography and nature

Usually, when we think of Spanish, we think of countries like Mexico and Panama, but that’s not where the language of Spanish started! Spanish started in…Spain! Spain is a country in Europe, and it is considered to be on of the prettiest countries in the world. It has mountains, plains, rivers, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean for people to enjoy.


About 46 million people live in the country of Spain, which gives it the 27th biggest population in the world! France is the only country in Western Europe that is bigger than Spain.

Capital city & important cities

Spain is known for how pretty it is, and tourists come from all over the world every year to visit some of its major cities. The biggest city in Spain is its capital, Madrid. Unlike most of the major cities in Spain, which are right along the coast, Madrid is in the middle of the inland part of the country. Some of the other major cities in Spain are Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville, and lots of people from all over the world visit these cities each year.

Flag of Spain

The Spanish flag has a red stripe on top, a red stripe on bottom, and a big yellow stripe in the middle. There is also a second flag for Spain that has this same design, but with the Spanish coat of arms set in the yellow portion.


A lot of people think that Spanish food would pretty much be the same thing as Mexican food, but these people would be way off! Spanish dishes use a lot of seafood, especially along the coasts. Inland, they also eat lots of meals with soup and bread, and they enjoy using meats and cheeses. Between the pretty land and the delicious food, it seems like Spain would be a pretty good place to visit!


Spain has always been one of the leaders in the world for music, and nowadays the country has made the switch from being one of the best countries for classical music to being one of the best countries for modern music. In fact, people come from all over the world every year for Spain’s music festivals!


Spain uses the euro for money, just like almost all of the countries in Europe. Because all of these countries use the same type of money, it makes it very easy for people to travel from country to country.


In Spain, they speak Spanish. Well, what else would they speak! But actually, there are a lot of people from other countries who live in Spain, and there are also small groups that have lived in Spain for ages and speak their own languages. Even though Spanish is the official language, it does not mean that Spanish is the only language spoken.


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