Greek Common Names

Greek children do not celebrate birthdays instead they celebrate their “name day”.  Their name day is the day of the Greek Orthodox saint they were named after.   Traditionally, the eldest child in a Greek family is named for one of their grandparents.

Popular Girls’ Names

  1. Maria

  2. Eleni

  3. Aikaterini

  4. Katerina

  5. Vasiliki

  6. Basiliki

  7. Sophia

  8. Angeliki

  9. Georgia

  10. Dimitra

Popular Boys’ Names

  1. Georgios

  2. Konstantinos

  3. Dimitrios

  4. Ioannis

  5. Nikolaos

  6. Panagiotis

  7. Christos

  8. Vasileios

  9. Athanasios

  10. Evangelos

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