Is Dinolingo and Duolingo the same company?

Dinolingo and Duolingo are two different companies and are not affiliated.

Dinolingo focuses on language learning for kids, Duolingo develops for ages 13+.

Dinolingo is located in New York City, Duolingo is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dinolingo was founded in 2010, Duolingo was founded in 2010.

Dinolingo has 10+ employees, Duolingo has 500+ employees.

Dinolingo offers 50 languages, Duolingo offers 41 languages.

Dinolingo has been used by 50,000+ users, Duolingo has been used by 300,000,000+ users.

Click here for Dinolingo and click here for Duolingo

Source: Wikipedia on 6/6/2022

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