Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dinolingo Operations

We are a group of innovators who collaborate with hundreds of individuals and teams worldwide. Our teams are divided into six main categories.

  1. Content: We constantly add new content, lessons, videos, games, tests, books, worksheets, etc. In order to maintain the content creation workflow, we collaborate with teachers, language experts, writers, translators, voice artists illustrators, videographers, animators, cartoonists, audio and sound engineers, singers, musicians etc.
  2. Operations; manages contractors, vendors, contributors, and creative teams.
  3. Development team keeps our existing website and applications running and develop new technologies and solutions. 
  4. CRM provides a five star customer service for all members and visitors.
  5. Marketing handles web and social media content and ads
  6. Sales helps public and charter schools, libraries and governments, focuses on customized b2b solutions
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