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What Are the Best French Learning Websites for Kids?

French is a great second language for English speaking children. It’s Latin based, so it’s relatively easy for kids to pick up! There are a lot of websites that promise to teach French easily, but which are the best? We’ve created a list of the best French learning websites for kids below. DinoLingo:…

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French Business Language Culture Communication

French Business Language Culture Communication Taboos and Things to avoid in France Presuming that all French should understand and speak English Sitting legs apart Use the informal version of “you” (tu) instead of the polite form “vous” Calling people with their first names (not a taboo but may be considered informal in the…

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A Little Bit about French Culture

Geography, historical events and the different foreign people who have claimed this country as their home have shaped the country of France. When you think of France, high culture, decorative art, cinema, and fashion come to mind. Paris is the leading capital of fashion and design. Some of the world’s biggest fashion houses…

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10 Popular French Travel Destinations

Paris Paris is known as the City of Lights for its many talented inventors and scientists. Major well-known sites to see include the Louvre (the largest art museum in the world), the Eiffel Tower (a steel structure built in 1889), the Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course the small outdoor cafés. Other areas…

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Inventions for Kids: French Inventions, DID YOU KNOW?

AQUALUNG: a breathing apparatus that supplied oxygen to divers and allowed them to stay underwater for several hours. It was invented in 1943 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. BAROMETER: a device that measures air (barometric) pressure. It measures the weight of the column of air that extends from the instrument to the top of the…

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Historical French Figures: From Disney to Helping the Blind See

William the Conqueror actual French name is Guillaume le Conquérant, and he was Duke of Normandy, a large area of northern France.  He is a historical figure of France because in 1066 he took his army across the Channel, and killed the English King, Harold, and most of the English nobles in the…

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Top 5 French Names for Boys and Girls: Is it Yours?

  GIRLS –          Stephanie: The name Stephanie is a girl name. The name Stephanie comes from the French origin. In French, the meaning of the name Stephanie is the female version of the Greek name Stephan. –          Abella: The name Abella is a girl name. The name Abella comes from the French origin….

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French Fun Facts

Some people claim that French is the language of romance and diplomacy. French is the official language of more than a dozen countries in Africa, Europe, and North America. International Red Cross uses French as the official language. French is one of the 6 languages of communication in the UN. Victor Hugo’s Les…

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Travel France for kids, Paris, Louvre, Versailles, Les Plaisirs de l’Isle Enchantée, Chateaux de la Loire

France is full of history, so it is very difficult to choose which places to mention first. However, we can not forget Paris, which is not only the capital and a very beautiful and extremely romantic city but also the city of the Louvre, one of the most important Museums of the world….

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French fun facts, pate de fois gras, the bùche de Noêl

As we were saying French cuisine is very famous all over the world, but not many people know that some of the ingredients of the most traditional food are a bit unusual. In fact, in France, you can eat not only raw oyster, but also snails (not raw, but cooked) and rabbit. Moreover,…

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