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Finnish Culture for Kids

Fun Finland! (Places to See)

Fun Finland! (Places to See)

Lake Inari: Sitting on the north of Lapland, Lake Inari is a huge tourist attraction. Trout, Perch and Salmon can be found in the bunches here, and this is where tourists comes to see them swim upstream. Lake Inari is also home to the burial ground of the Sami people, called Hautuumaasaari Island. It is quite popular for its history of the people and the city.

Helsinki Market Square: Filled with many vendors, souvenir shops, cafes, and many other tourist attractions, this market square is a major spot and frequently visited area of Finland. Your children will love looking at all of the decorated shops and traditional scenery here.

Esplanadi Park: This Park holds many picnics and family gatherings during the summer. There numerous live shows for children, and musical events for adults. There is always so much room for kids and their pets to run around and just have fun.


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