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Finnish Culture for Kids

Children’s Games of Finland

Children’s Games of Finland

Chain (Ketju): While one player leaves the room or the area that everyone is in, all of the other players join hands in a circle. Everyone in the circle must tangle themselves in a knot, with one person leading the circle. Once the circle is completely tangled, the person must come back into the room and try to untangle the circle, by the correct hands of each player. Once the circle is untied, another player must leave the room so they can play again.

Crab Ball Tag: This game requires at least seven players, ages five and up. Except for one player, all players must assume a crab like position (stomach facing upwards, walking on feet and hands). The players must attempt to hit a rubber ball with their head or knee out towards the lone player. The player can pick the ball up and tag the crabs, and whoever it hits, is now it. It goes on for as long as they’d like to.

12 Sticks on a Board: You will need 12 small sticks, a 30cm by 30cm board, and at least 3 children to play this game. Like hide and seek, one player is the tagger and all of the other players have to hide out of the taggers sight. The first player starts the game by stepping on the edge of the board, flipping the sticks into the air. While all of the players hide, the player who is it has to pick up the sticks and arrange them on the board. Once the board is ready, the tagger may go to look for the hidden players. If the tagger finds a player he must run back and touch the board, calling out the player’s name. Hidden players may get in home-free by upsetting the board again before the tagger can reach it. The game continues until the last player is caught, or home free. The first player that was caught becomes it for the next game.


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