Celebrating Holidays and Festivals in Finland

Celebrating Holidays and Festivals in Finland

Christmas: the number one festival and holiday of Finland is Christmas and all of the celebrations that accompanies it. There are many parties at places of work, educational facilities, and nightlife locations. On Christmas Eve, families bring in Christmas trees to decorate, while listening to music, dancing, and eating with each other. At about midday on Christmas Eve, “Christmas Peace” is declared by the president from Turku, the former capital of Finland. Families put candles on the graves of loved ones on this night, and hymns are sung for the remembrance of them. There are meals and then on Christmas morning, there is a service to hear the Christmas message.

Midsummer: The second most important celebration of Finland, Midsummer is all about the sun, and how it remains above the horizon all night long. This happens around midsummer solstice, and everyone can be spotted sitting around bonfires with their families at their cottages.

Easter: Religion is big in Finland, and church is the number one aspect of Easter. If nothing else traditional is followed, Easter is and will always be. Children grow grass on plates indoors; they decorate Easter eggs and Easter cards. On Palm Sunday, children dress up as Easter witches going around houses with springs of willows in their hands. As a reward for reciting a special verse they get chocolate eggs or money. While there are aspects that are a bit different, Easter is celebrated in Finland like Easter is celebrated in America.


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