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Portuguese Travel Destinations

Portugal may seem very small for a country, but with over a thousand years of history, it has many interesting places to visit and discover the past or just enjoy the landscape. All of its major cities are quite different from each other because of the geography, climate and cultural influences in them….

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Common Portuguese Names

Most Portuguese first names are very simple and come from characters in the Bible, like Maria (Mary) or João (John). Some sounds found in names will be very different from English, like the tilde in Sebastião (Sebastian) while others will be almost the same as in English, such as David, which only changes…

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Portuguese Holidays

Portugal celebrates a lot of holidays throughout the year, and most of them have roots in Christian celebrations, while others are all about the seasons and some historical events. The traditions people follow are different from those in the United States, but most fall on the same days, like Christmas and Easter. Christmas…

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Portuguese History

The country of Portugal is very old and has many exciting episodes in its history. It all started in 1143 when D. Afonso Henriques inherited the kingdom of Portugal from his parents, but wanted to keep it independent while his mother wanted to join Portugal with her kingdom of León.  D. Afonso managed…

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European Portuguese Games

Traditional Portuguese games are a great way to have fun with very little supplies! Grandparents have been passing on awesome activities to their grandchildren for generations. The best thing about them, and why they stayed so popular, is that they need very little, if anything at all, to be played. When toys weren’t…

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Portuguese Fashion

Traditional fashion in Portugal is still worn on special occasions, like holidays and culture shows. Portugal doesn’t have one national outfit, but many outfits according to the profession or occasion the person is dressed for. They’re usually very simple, but lovely and vary according to the region people are from. Most clothes are…

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Portuguese Etiquette

Portuguese polite habits aren’t very different from American customs, but there are some small things that help making new friends easier. People are very warm and relaxed, so any mistakes are never a big deal, as long as you remember your “please, and thank you” (Por favor, e obrigado!). You’ll see many people…

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Portuguese Cuisine

Traditional dishes in Portugal are varied because people there like to take advantage of the best things each region has to offer. There’s a lot of fish by the coast and in the interior, pastures to raise cattle and cultivate great grains and fruit. Maybe you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet before: it…

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About European Portuguese Culture

Portugal is a small country in the Iberian Peninsula, an almost perfect rectangle facing the Atlantic Ocean and bordering Spain. The population is only a little over 10 million people, but the culture is very rich, with a long history and traditions for all sorts of aspects in their day to day life,…

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Portuguese Fun Facts, Food, music, language and more..

Children’s Games of Portugal 1)      The Boatman: the objective is to obtain the longest number of elements to win the race. Two children hold hands and pick a name: an animal, fruit, countries, anything without anyone hearing. All other kids form a line and sing “oh Lord Boatman let me pass, I have…

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