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DINOLINGO One popular Dutch story is that of Hans Brinker. Hans Brinker was a little Dutch boy that saved The Netherlands. On a lovely autumn day he was out for a stroll with his friend Liesa. They where picking flowers, then sat in the grass to eat some chocolate. It was a beautiful early fall day until the weather suddenly turned. A gigantic storm rolled in and the wind got out of control. The waves in the sea swelled and before Hans and Liesa realized it, they were pounding on the dykes. One dyke almost collapsed, but Hans quickly put his finger on the point where the dyke was about to break. In the mean time, Liesa ran to the village calling for help. Swiftly, a group of strong construction workers showed up to repair the damaged dyke. Little Hans Brinker was reconized as a hero.

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2 thoughts on “Dutch Stories”

  1. This is a popular American story about Holland. Most dutch kids in Holland don’t know this story at all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

  2. Yeah Hans Brinker is an All American story that happens to play in Holland. Don’t know any Dutch child that knows it

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