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Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments

Traditional Musical Instruments Ancient Chinese believed music cleansed people’s minds.  There were around 70 types of traditional musical instruments.  The instruments were a string, wind, and percussion. These are ten of the most common traditional instruments. Xun The xun is one of the oldest musical instruments.  It is older than 7,000 years.  People…

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Traditional Chinese Music

Chinese traditional music is played with instruments of the xun, chimes, xiao, sheng, pipa, guzheng, guqin, erhu, drums, and the bamboo flute.  Often this music is played for ceremonies or to accompany dancers or other instruments in an orchestra.  This music is also played for the background of a play or opera.  It…

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Chinese Travel Destinations

China is a large nation and has many interesting places to explore.  You will see much of the tradition, culture and the beauty of the land by traveling to these recommended places.  The Great Wall The star attraction of China is the Great Wall. This large structure was built to keep intruders from coming…

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Top Chinese Movies, Baby Names, Books, and the Chinese Zodiac for Kids!!!

Top Chinese Baby Names             Ah-lam                  like an orchid             An                          Peace            Angua                     Peaceful Country            Anmang              …

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Chinese Ancient History: Dynasty’s for Kids

Early China & Xia Dynasty-10,000 BCE to 1500 BCE: Around 10,000 BCE the Chinese civilization began. There was a group called the Yangshao (yahng show) settled near the Huang He River. About 3,000 BCE, another farming group emerged, the Lungshan farming group. The Lungshan were very advanced for their time. They harvested silk…

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Chinese dishes – Peking/Beijing Duck

Chinese food is very popular all over the world. Most Chinese meals come with rice or noodles as well as vegetables, meat, fish, pork or chicken. Peking/Beijing Duck is probably China’s most famous food and is a tasty meal of crispy duck slices eaten on thin pancakes with a kind of dipping sauce called…

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Chinese Names and Names in Chinese : The way Names are Written Read In China

According to Lauderdale and Kestenbaum (2000) Top 10 , top 20 and top 50 Chinese names are as follow Top 10 Chinese names are 1. Wong 2. Chen 3. Chan 4. Wang 5. Chang 6. Lin 7. Wu 8. Liu 9. Huang 10. Li Top 20 Chinese names are 11. Ng 12. Yu…

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Hoax that Circulates Once in 823 Years

Chinese people believe that only once in 823 years there can be 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. What is more, if you know about this rare occurrence and tell it to others both you and the others would be rich! Isn’t it amazing? And guess what, this year, 2011, has 5…

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Famous places in China, Travel China, Great Wall, Xi’an City

There are a lot of very famous places in China. The Great Wall of China was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World in 2001 and people say you can see it from space! The Forbidden City in Beijing was a big palace for the emperors and their households,…

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Chinese fun facts – gift giving, lucky number 8, unlucky 4

Gift giving can be a very hard activity in China! To begin with, gifts might not be accepted but this doesn’t mean that others don’t want them, it’s just that some people think that a gift should be refused three times before being accepted. Scissors, knives and anything else that could be used…

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