Vietnamese Culture for Kids

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A Brief Vietnamese History

A Brief Vietnamese History Vietnamese history began 4000 years ago, the first King, and also the founder of the Vietnamese nation, was Hung Vuong. In their mythology, Lac Long Quan (Lac Dragon Lord) and Au Co had 100 children and Hung Vuong was the oldest son. According to tradition, The Hung dynasty ruled for eighteen […]

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All About Vietnamese Culture

Viet Nam has a rich and diversified culture with 54 local ethnicities that live across the country. After the long –term Chinese and French sway on its culture, Vietnamese culture made it possible to localize and make use of the foreign culture in their efforts to enrich their national culture. They include the culture that

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Vietnamese Traditions and Customs

Vietnamese Traditions and Customs Vietnamese family names are very important, and you will often see their family name followed by their middle name and their first names. The main language is Vietnamese, and the second language is English. The Vietnamese are modest people. Talking loudly, moving around a lot (especially around the opposite sex), and

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Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food Việt Nam rất!  Top 3 Must Eat!!! Pho: For nearly 100 years, noodle soup with beef or chicken has stood its ground as one of the most popular Vietnamese cuisines. It is a common dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simply adding broth to noodles and a meat of

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Vietnamese Children’s Games

Chophépchơi  Let’s Play! Vietnamese Children’s Games…… MeoDuoiChait: the Vietnamese “cat and mouse” game requires at least six to seven children. It is compared to America’s “duck duck goose.” The children stand in a circle, holding their arms above their own heads so there are spots (mouse holes) that the other players can run through. One

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Vietnamese Names

According to Lauderdale and Kestenbaum (2000) Top 10 , top 20 and top 50 Vietnamese names are as follow Top 10 Vietnamese names are 1. Nguyen 2. Tran 3. Le 4. Pham 5. Huynh 6. Vu 7. Phan 8. Truong 9. Hoang 10. Ngo Top 20 Vietnamese names are 11. Dang 12. Do 13. Bui 14.

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