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Category: Ukrainian Culture for Kids

Ukrainian Historical Facts

Modern Ukraine is a large country, located in Eastern Europe and it borders such countries as Russia, Poland, Belarus, and Romania. Its population is over 40 million people. Ukrainian is an official language of the country, but Russian is still widely spoken. Slavic tribes occupied modern central and¬†eastern Ukraine in the sixth century…

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Ukrainian Music and Dancing

Ukrainian Music and Dance The Ukrainian people also enjoy their traditional dances and dance games. A lot of them originated in rural villages and some of the oldest dances can be traced back to ancient times. Admiration of these dances is usually kept alive by Ukrainian dance troupes. Ukrainian traditional music and musical…

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Ukrainian Fun and Games

There are quite a few Ukrainian games that both adults and children will definitely enjoy playing. ¬†Here is one of the national games played at Ivana Kupala night on the 7th of July. All people sing Ukrainian songs and dance. Girls pick up flowers and let them float on the river. If the…

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Common Ukrainian Customs and Clothing

Etiquette is set of rules of behavior for human relationships. It is language signs, verbal symbols, gestures, facial expressions. Ukraine has its own system of beliefs, which reflects national character, moral values, lifestyle, and type of behavior. Ukrainians are very nice and polite people. A few simple rules of etiquette are followed by…

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Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian Cuisine Ukrainian cuisine is an important part of the nation’s culture, lifestyle and customs. Well-known for its great flavors, Ukrainian cuisine was influenced by Russian, Polish and Turkish neighbors. Popular ingredients in the cuisine of Ukraine are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruit and herbs. Hospitable Ukrainians serve their meals in very generous…

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Ukrainian Holidays

Ukrainians love their holidays and especially love to celebrate them. They celebrate a great number of holidays, namely Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, New Years and Ivana Kupala. They also hold a festival every autumn to celebrate the end of the harvest. New Year’s Day is one the most favorite of all holidays in Ukraine….

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Ukrainian Folktales

Ukrainian folktales is a whole chapter in Ukrainian history. They easily keep track of how people lived, what kind of problems they had and how solved them. Ukrainian folklore is vividly described by a folktale. All the traditions, festivals and customs can be seen in the plots of fairytales. The Ukrainian national fairy…

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Common Traditions in Ukraine

Common Traditions in Ukraine Traditions in Ukraine are related to the old Ukrainian pagan symbols. For example, mischievous, poetic and very old celebration of Ivana Kupala (the night of July 7) was once associated with the day of Solstice. Even nowadays you can see how girls do round dances and start up wreaths…

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Facts about the Ukraine

Facts about the Ukraine Ukraine is a country with rich ancient history and wonderful nature. Ukrainians are hospitable, kind and friendly. They share respect for their elders, women, and love for children, nature and animals.Ukrainians became famous all over the world for their sense of humor and artistry, as well as their talent…

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