Thai Culture and Language

Travel Thailand

Travel Thailand – Top Thai Tourism Spots – Thai culture for kids 1) Bangkok: Busy and restless metropolis, it is the number one visit while traveling to Thailand. The gorgeous jeweled Grand Palace stands here, and china town as well. 2) The Floating Market: A huge tourist attraction, the floating market attracts hundreds of people …

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Sounds of Thailand

Thai music – Sounds of Thailand Thai music has no written notational style, it is usually oral. It is harmonious, blending old and new genres of music. It represents Thailand’s cultural evolution. The ching, mong, and the rahart-ek are the most commonly used instruments in Thai music, to create new era Thai music, and they …

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Thai clothes

 Thai clothes, fashion, and Getting Dressed in Thailand Because of the many ethnic groups of Thailand, the various textiles, silks, and cottons have many threading patterns. Yet the structure is typically the same throughout Thailand. Women: Women wear a skirt, a traditional lower piece called a pha sin or a tube skirt. The top is …

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Thai childrens games

Thai childrens’ games –Thai culture for kids Time to Play! Thailand’s 3 Most Common Games for Children E-Gar-Fuk Khai– In some American schools, the game cat and mouse is commonly played. In this game, a circle is drawn and rocks (cheese) are put in the middle of the circle, while one child (cat) guards it. …

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Thai food

Thai food – Thai culture for children 3 Most Common Dishes of Thailand   1) Tom Yam Goong: herbs, lemon grass, lime leaves, galangal, and shallots along with chili peppers, shrimp, and mushroom creates a spicy Asian gumbo that satisfies the taste buds.   2) Khao Man: (Thai chicken and rice) Usually a day meal, …

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