Thai Culture and Language

Thai Etiquette

People usually do not shake hands when greeting.  Instead, the custom is to “wai”.  Usually the younger person “wais” the older person by placing his/her palms together and bowing slightly.  If the hands are high, the person is greatly respected.  The older person then returns the gesture.  This greeting is done while standing, sitting or …

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Thai Travel Destinations

Thailand is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia.  The country has clean beaches, thick jungles and interesting foods to sample.  It is also home to beautiful, old temples.  Here are some popular places to explore.  You will see that many of them are islands known for their lovely scenery, beaches, relaxation and water activities. …

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Thai Names

Thai names are often long as the given name and family name are to be unique. There aren’t two last names that are the same unless the people are related. Thai people also change their family names at additional times other than marriage.  The names that are chosen stand for positive things.  Some parts of …

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Traditional Thai Cuisine

Thai cooking uses lots of spices and seasonings for flavor such as lime juice, ginger, coconut milk and peanuts. Many dishes are prepared with rice, noodles, and fish. Many Thai dishes are hot and spicy but they can also be sweet or sour and even salty. Each region has its own specialty.  

Thai's Capital

Bangkok is Thailand’s largest city and capital of 10 million people.  Boats are often the fastest way to travel in Bangkok because the roads are often very crowded with traffic.  There are many canals and waterways that people use every day. People even shop at floating markets on the water.

About the Thai Culture

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia.  Throughout history, this region has been known as Siam. Nearly 65,000,000 people who live there are called Thai.  Most of the people who live in Thailand are Thai, Chinese, Malaysian or Mon. The country borders the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Burma.  Thailand’s climate …

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Travel Thailand

Travel Thailand – Top Thai Tourism Spots – Thai culture for kids 1) Bangkok: Busy and restless metropolis, it is the number one visit while traveling to Thailand. The gorgeous jeweled Grand Palace stands here, and china town as well. 2) The Floating Market: A huge tourist attraction, the floating market attracts hundreds of people …

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