Tagalog Language and Filipino Culture

Filipino Customs

Filipino Customs Mano Po: to show respect, towards elders, the younger family member takes the elders hand and places the back of it on their forehead. Remove Your Shoes: removing the shoes is a sign of cleanliness and respect Hello/Goodbye: make eye contact, raise eyebrows, acknowledge every ones presence individually, whether saying hello or goodbye.

Filipino Clothing

Filipino Clothing The younger generation of Filipinos prefers to wear the westernized style of clothing. The older generation still prefers the traditional attire the ‘baro’tsaya’ is a colorful gown, a national dress for the women of the Philippines. Today it is a Filipino blouse and skirt, covering their entire upper body as to not offend …

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Filipino Children’s Day

Children’s Day Annually August 29th, children put on shows, city wide parades and festivals, adults dress up to entertain the children; a holiday specifically for children is held in high regard to show appreciation for the innocence of the youth in the Philippines.

Filipino cuisine

Filipino Cuisine Influenced by Malay, Spanish, and Chinese cultures, Filipino cuisine is a melting pot of delicious delectable that even we in the United States can agree is a treat. Jackfruit (langka), coconut (buko), and palm nuts (kaong) are just a few must haves in Filipino cuisine. Rice and Cassava are popular sides, while some …

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