Swedish Culture and Language

Swedish Etiquette

The Swedish people are mostly very friendly and open, even though it’s commonly known that Swedes are not a very warm people, but that might just be a misunderstanding due to the cold climate in Sweden and it having some sort of affect on the people. This is however not true. English speaking tourist’s visiting …

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Facts About Sweden

A key characteristic in Swedish culture is that Swedes are moralists by nature, yet very humble but find bragging or drawing attention to themselves unacceptable. But many Swedes would rather listen to somebody else then making their own voice heard. Normally, while speaking, a Swede would do so in a soft and calm way, it …

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Swedish teaching video

Dino Lingo Swedish for Kids is a Swedish language learning set where cartoon dinosaur characters introduce the most common 200 words and phrases in Swedish. The Swedish learning DVD set includes 5 DVDs and flash cards. Effective Swedish teaching program for children Children can quickly learn and speak Swedish, thanks to the award-winning lessons by …

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Sounds of Sweden

Sounds of Sweden Nordic folk dance music, polka, and polska are just three of many genres one may hear while listening to a Swedish radio station. Yet, they are the most popular of the culture, and with the music comes the instruments that creates it; the accordion, the clarinet, and the fiddle. These are the …

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