Slovak Culture and Language

Common Slovakian Names

Common Slovakian Names Boys’ names that are most commonly used in Slovakia: Jakub Samuel Tomas Martin Lukas Michal Adam Filip Matus Patrik Girls’ names that are most commonly used in Slovakia: Sofia Viktoria Natalia Nela Laura Ema Nina Kristina Michaela Sara

Slovakian History

Slovakian History The Hungarians took over the land of Slovakia during 896 A.D.  Hungary remained in control of this land until 1918.  In 1981, Czecho-Slovakia was created from parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The Czech provinces of Bohemia, Moravia and parts of Silesia (from the Austrian Empire) were combined with the lands of Slovakia …

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Slovakian Sports

Sports are popular in the country especially hockey, football, tennis, handball, basketball, volleyball and whitewater canoeing. Slovak for kids, DVDs, CDs, books, flash cards and more @

Slovakian Education

Education is highly valued in Slovakia.  There are over 50 museums and more than 2,500 public libraries.  There have been many scientific discoveries and inventions from people in this country.  Contributions range from developing the wireless telegraph and making the first motor-driven helicopter to inventing the first actively used parachute and the resonator guitar, creating …

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Slovakian Capital

Bratislava with a population of 430,000 is the capital of Slovakia. The city lies on the banks of the Danube River. It is one of the youngest cities in Europe. In the past, Bratislava was known by the names Prespork, Pozsony and Pressburg. 80% of the people who live in Slovakia are Slovaks with other …

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About Slovakian Culture

About Slovakian Culture The Slovak Republic (Slovakia) is a country with a population of about 5.5 million people larger than the population of the European countries of Norway, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland.  It is located in central Europe and bordered by the Czech Republic and Austria to the …

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