Serbian Culture and Language

Serbian Fashion

Serbian folk costumes are still worn on national holidays and during celebrations throughout Serbia, but especially in rural areas. Traditional Serbian female clothing consists of embroidered woolen socks that reach to the knees and nazuvice, skirts that are gathered or pleated and made out of embroidered linen with a tkanice serving as a belt. Aprons (pregace) decorated …

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Popular Serbian Sports

The most popular sports in Serbia include football, basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo and tennis.  Many of these sports have national sports heroes who have helped the teams place in various national and international competitions.

Serbian Education and Scientific Discoveries

The government and people of Serbia value learning and education.  There are many vocational schools and colleges.  The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest university in Serbia. The country has a rich tradition of discovering and inventing in the science and technological areas: inventing devices that use rotating magnetic fields and high voltage …

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