Russian Culture and Language

Russian teaching video

Dino Lingo Russian for Kids is a Russian language learning set where cartoon dinosaur characters introduce the most common 200 words and phrases in Russian. It includes 5 Russian learning DVDs and a Russian flash card set. effective Russian teaching program for children Children can quickly learn and speak Russian, thanks to the award-winning lessons …

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Sound of Russia

Sounds of Russia Russian music is heterophonic; this means that there is one melody among different voices. It is diverse in dialect, and the traditional music of Russia is folk music. There are ritual songs, nonritual songs, and instrumental music as well. The main instruments used are the schwam, horn trumpet, svirel, and kugikly. Most …

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Russian Attire

Russian Attire The traditional Russian women’s attire was created to shine a light on their dignity, and “emotional restraint.” Women work in their everyday clothing, but the clothing is still very beautiful. Red clothing is considered to be the most beautiful color. Canvas and wool clothing is decorated and embroidered with crosses, herring bones, and …

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Russian children day – Russian culture fun facts for kids

Children’s Day June 1st, Russians honor small children and the youth with child proof, family oriented activities, speeches, programs, and events to enlighten everyone on the well-being of Russia’s youth. There are charities and events for abused children, and more child friendly shows on television on than any other day of the year. This day …

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Russian Food

Common Russian Cuisine 1)      Borsch: Beet soup. Extremely common, famous for being a base soup in Russia. It is packed with vegetables and meat, and topped with a spoonful of sour cream. It can be eaten for lunch or an appetizer for dinner. 2)      Pirozkhi: Little pastries full of potatoes, cabbage, cheese, or a meat …

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Russian Fun Facts

Russian is the official language of Russia and spoken in former Soviet republics. Russian is written in Cyrillic which is based on Greek letters. Russian words like vodka, tundra and tsar are actually have been used in other languages as well. Russian is one of the 6 languages of communication in the UN.

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