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Romanian Tourist Attractions

Romania is one of those countries that have it all: mountains, valleys, hills, shores, lowlands. You never get bored. Romanians themselves find their country a beauty of nature. And the tourists that visit Romania every year think so as well. The Romanian mountains are known as the Carpathians. You’re probably thinking: what do…

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Music in Romanian

Before finding out the wonders of traditional Romanian music, you have to know a thing. Romania has about 9 regions. Each region has its own music. Well, they’re not that different. But the instruments and the dances are specific. First, traditional Romanian music doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before. It’s not pop,…

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Romanian Names

Romanian kids usually have one or more names. But they only use one. For example, if a girl is called Maria Ioana (Maria Joan), her parents won’t ever call her MI (or MJ in English). Just Maria. You can usually tell if a name is for a girl because it ends in “a”…

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Romanian History

Our journey begins a long time ago when Romania was known as Dacia. Tribes lived there, and their ruler was called Decebal. Still, they had a powerful enemy: the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire had plans for those tribes. It wanted to conquer them. After two big battles, the Roman Empire only managed…

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Interesting Facts About Romanian Culture

Romania is a beautiful European country and it is a member of the European Union. Like any other country, it has its own history and its own culture. For example, did you know that Romanians have their own traditional Valentine’s Day? It’s called “Dragobete” in Romanian and is celebrated on February 24th. Girls…

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Famous Romanian Places to See

Famous places in Romania The Danube Delta – has different lakes and marshes.  You can find here more than 300 species of birds and 45 species of fish.  It is the second largest delta from Europe. Bran Castle -it is considered to be Dracula’s castle.  It is situated 30 km far from Brasov. …

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Romanian Values, Customs, and Habits

Romanian values Family represents an important Romanian value.  In fact, Romania is a family-focused society.  Romanians appreciate the long term relations based on trust, respect and loyalty.  These are attributes they learn to appreciate early in their childhood. Religion plays an important role in the life of the Romanian people.  Most of them…

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Nonverbal and Verbal communication of Romanian Culture

 Romanian people are extremely friendly and expressive when they talk.  They are Latin, therefore they are not cold persons.  They are comfortable with hugs and kisses on the cheek when greeting or departing.  During conversations Romanian people use a lot of gestures, touch themselves on the arms, shoulders, hands and stand pretty closely…

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Let’s Play! – Romanian Children’s Game

Children’s Game TOMANAP T from TARA (COUNTRY), O from ORAS (CITY), M from MUNTE (MOUNTAIN), A from APA (WATER), N from NUME (NAME), A from ANIMAL(ANIMAL), P from PLANTA (PLANT). 3 to 6 children can play this game.  An alphabet letter is chosen and from that you start writing names of cities, countries,…

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Festivals and Holidays of Romania

Romanian  Festivals, holidays, Celebrations Dragobete: this is Romania’s version of Valentine’s Day.  We celebrate it on February 24th.  Dragobete represents a local Cupid. Martisorul- we celebrate the beginning of spring on March 1st.  Martisor comes from the name of the month Martie (March).  Martisorul is a red and white string from which a…

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