Brazilian Culture and Portuguese Language

Dressing up in Brazil

Dressing up in Brazil Brazilians take dressing well very seriously. Men wear dark colored business suits, and are dressed conservatively. Women wear elegant and feminine dresses, and are expected to have manicures and pedicures. Clothing is very mainstream, and western. Most clothing is extremely colorful for events, and lounge time.

Sound of Brazil

Sounds of Brazil Passion, joy, sympathy, all of this describes Brazilian music. The background of Brazilian music is that of Amerindian, Portuguese, and African music as well. Unique Brazilian genre consists of the following; choro, forro, frero, somloa, bossa nova, and many more. Brazil’s earliest kind, however, is folk music. The music of Brazil is …

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Brazillian children’s Day

Children’s Day October 12th is Children’s day in Brazil. On this day, children unwrap gifts, and eat lots and lots of sweets. This day is bigger than Christmas to most kids in Brazil, and highly anticipated annually. The elders of Brazil never fail to let their children know how much they are valued and appreciated.

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