Polish Culture and Language

Polish Songs

These are two popular children’s songs translated to English. Krakowiaczek jeden Krakowiaczek jedenmial koników siedem.Pojechal na wojnę, Zostal mu się jeden. Krakowianka jedna miala chlopca z drewna i dziewczynke z wosku, wszystko po krakowsku. One man from CracowHad seven horses.But after he went to war Only one of them was left. One woman from Cracow …

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Polish Clothing

On festivals and special occasions, Polish people wear traditional folk costumes.  These are different in each of the regions of Poland, but most are brightly colored and embroidered.  The women wear long, colorful skirts with ribbons and white blouses with an embroidered vest.  They may wear their hair in braids or a wreath of flowers …

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Polish Fun Facts, Food, music, language and more..

Polish Fun Facts – Poland The symbol of Warsaw, Poland’s capital, is a mermaid. The symbol of Poland is a white eagle, and throughout the country’s history, the eagle has sometimes been depicted wearing a crown or not wearing a crown, depending on the government and occupying nations of Poland. Currently, the eagle wears a crown. Every hour, the …

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