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Persian Travel Destinations

Qeshm Island is Iran’s largest and the Persian Gulf’s largest island. It is famous for its Hara marine forests where 1.5% of the world’s birds and 25% of Iran’s native birds annually migrate. Susa (Shush) located north of Ahvaz was Iran’s most ancient city. The Zigurat of Chughazanbil, Darius the Great’s palace, the…

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Persian Alphabet

The Persian language is part of the Indo-European language family and is one of the world’s oldest languages still in use today. It has a rich literary tradition with many noted poets.  The people who speak Persian call the language Fārsī which is the Arabic form of Parsi. Persian is a member of the Iranian branch of…

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Persian Baby Names

A Persian or Iranian name is made up of a first name and then the last name of the family. Sometimes more than one first name is given.  Many names are taken from Arabic, Greek, Assyrian and Armenian names.  About 10-15% of the names come from a Persian literature book known as Shahnameh…

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Persian History

The history of Iran is a mix of dynasties and invaders from the Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and others.  It is one of the world’s oldest civilizations with historical and city remnants dating back to 4000 B.C. The Medes made the country one nation in 645 B.C.  The Achaemenid Empire (550-330 B.C.) was…

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Persian Inventions and Discoveries

Persia with its long history has invented many things.  From domesticating the goat and chicken, to the invention of the brick, wine, the lute which led to the guitar, the ziggurat, first banking system and systems of checks to peaches and tulips, the game of backgammon, polo, taxation system, the courier post, spinach…

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Persian Cuisine

Bread is the most important food in Iran.  It is baked in large clay ovens.  Many dishes are made from dairy products.  Yogurt is a popular food as well as rice dishes that include meats, vegetables and seasonings. Lamb is a typical food. Iranians love the dessert baklava and, of course, tea.   There…

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Persian Holidays and Traditions

The Persian year begins in the vernal equinox around March 20th when the daylight and night fall are the same length. The Persian Calendar is the official calendar of Iran and Friday is the weekly day of rest. A typical work week is from Saturday to Wednesday. Some of the major public holidays in Iran…

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Persian Arts and Creativity

Iran has one of the richest histories of art in the world.  The people are strong in architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, statues, calligraphy, metal work, and stone masonry. Persian rugs have always been part of the culture. They were the first people to weave carpets in history. Today, Iran makes more carpets than any other country…

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Persian Flag

The Persian flag is a horizontal tricolor of red, white, and green with the emblem of Iran in red centered on the white stripe. The takbir meaning Allah is the greatest in English and Arabic is written 22 times in white on the fringe of both the green and red bands in the Kufic script.  The flag was designed…

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Persian Geography

Persia is a large country in the Middle East between the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the CaspianSea.  It is bordered by Iraq to the west, Turkey, Azerbaijan’s Naxcivan enclave, Armenia, and Axerbaijan to the northwest, Turkmenistan to the northeast and Afghanistan and Pakistan to the southeast. The winters in Iran are…

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